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This approach centres around organised events.
For example:
- speed dating where you meet loads of people one to one for a fixed amount of time
- a social event of like minded people
- a small group in a restaurant
A Table for Six
County Dublin
Website: click here.
hits, Sun. 6th August
Fairway Friends
44 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4
County Dublin
Phone: 01 2822221
Dating through golf events.
Cost: 235 per year
Website: click here.
5134 hits, Tue. 5th April
First Date
County Dublin
Phone: 086 862 7431
Upmarket singles events that are held in popular venues across Dublin.
Cost: Fee is per event:
20 - 55 Euro approx.
Website: click here.
2638 hits, Tue. 5th April
Get Out
County Dublin
Phone: +353 1 492 9519
A choice of Speed Dating, Dinner Dating, Parties and Adventure Days.
Cost: Approx costs:
Speed Dating: €30
Dinner Date: €75
Party: €15

Website: click here.
146 hits, Tue. 5th April
Mystery Dates
Website: click here.
5892 hits, Tue. 5th April
County Dublin
Phone: (01) 235 2545
English based speed dating company.
A date last 3 minutes. After each date you/they enter a score. Check on website after to see if you matched. Dates and venues listed on website.
Cost: 30 per event.
Website: click here.
365 hits, Tue. 5th April
County Dublin
Phone: 01 282 2222
Website: click here.
2456 hits, Sun. 6th August
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